#33: Alan Bean, Founder of Friends of Justice

Alan Bean is a writer, spiritual counselor, and the founder of Friends of Justice. Alan has spent much of his life as a Baptist pastor, but after moving to Tulia, Texas for a potential ministry position, he learned that forty-six people (thirty-nine of which were African American) had been indicted on the uncorroborated word of a corrupt undercover officer. His unexpected and dramatic transition from Baptist pastor to criminal justice reform advocate led to the founding of Friends of Justice in 2000. Since then, Alan’s work has led to the formation of advocacy organizations and pro bono attorneys who have exposed a corrupt sting, freed dozens of people from Texas prisons, changed Texas evidentiary laws and led to the disbanding of over fifty mismanaged narcotics task forces throughout Texas. These victories laid a solid foundation for 15 years of bipartisan criminal justice reform in Texas. 

In this episode, Alan Bean discusses his experience as a progressive Baptist, his experience at seminary, pastoral ministry, as well as his work in criminal justice reform. 


Friends of Justice

Book: Taking Out The Trash in Tulia, Texas 


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