Pragmatic Christian began as a search to reconcile two worldviews. The question was: can science and religion work together to create a fuller, healthier worldview, or are the two destined to contradict one another? 

This question led me down many paths, and as I crossed from one to another, I kept the good and left the unsatisfactory, eventually developing a sort of “attitude”. This attitude eventually found a name: “pragmatism”.

Pragmatism is an American philosophy that began in the 1870's, with a group of men who asked similar questions. They formed a club and met infrequently to discuss the nature of the world, beliefs, and inquiry. Some of the men gave up religion entirely, while others, like William James and Charles Peirce, were dedicated to reconciling faith with the growing secular science of their time. 

The “pragmatic method” first appeared in Charles Peirce’s 1878 paper, “How to Make Our Ideas Clear”. Today, in a world overabundant in information, beliefs, and identity politics, clear thinking is needed more than ever. 

Pragmatic Christian explores the ideas of these men while continuing their project of thinking clearly about beliefs and their consequences--- taking seriously the questions, desires, and anxieties that come with being human. 

-Hayden Bruce